How will Pat help me put an estate plan together?

This can all be done easily at Pat Lowther Law offices in Lake City, Sleepy Eye and Slayton, Minnesota or Alma, Wisconsin.

You begin by attending a workshop to learn the many details and benefits of the estate planning process. Pat gave 50 workshops in 15 different cities last year and will continue to do so. Then comes a free hour of consultation to review your needs and design a comfortable plan for your future.

Whatever estate planning you choose to have done can be accomplished in one, two, or three appointments at the most. When completed, you’ll have all the proper legal documents you need and the accompanying peace of mind.

Pat Lowther has been an attorney in Minnesota since 1980. His law practice has progressed from general law, to litigation, and now to his own practice with a focus on estate planning. “Living in a small town has helped me see the need families, farmers, and small business owners have for detailed estate plans,” Pat says. “I enjoy meeting with both new and long-time clients and each day brings a unique situation for me to solve.”

If you’d like to learn everything you need to know about estate planning, just give Pat a call at 507-794-5291.