Story published in Simply Rural magazine, July 2017

In July 2017, Pat authored a story entitled "How To Lose Your Farm To the Nursing Home Without Really Trying," which appeared in the Rochester Post-Bulliten's special magazine Simply Rural. Read an excerpt below. Read the entire story here.


How to Lose Your Farm to the Nursing Home without Really Trying

by Pat Lowther, from Simply Rural Magazine, July 2017

“You know,” the farmer said, “I never paid much attention to thinking about my estate. I just work. All the time. I guess I figured I’d have plenty of time to sort that stuff out when I got older. Then my friend on the next farm over got sick and ended up in the nursing home. They took his whole farm. All his years of work just gone. Nothing left for the kids. I sure can’t let that happen to me.”

We hear this story often at Pat Lowther Law. Problems of the moment are always more urgent than problems of the future, until one day the future is here. And that future means if you failed to plan, you may lose your farm to the nursing home.

The average cost of nursing home care in Minnesota is $85,272 per year. After age 65, 70% of individuals will need some long term care services and nearly 50% will spend time in a nursing home.

Where will the money come from? Unless you’ve prepared for this expense, the most readily available asset the nursing home will want is your farm.

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